How to Choose the Perfect Bounce House for a Party

A children’s party should be really fun and exciting, since kids love to play around and meet new friends. If you’re planning a birthday party for your child, having a bouncy house or castle will make a big difference. You should have a bounce house in your list so your games will level up and everyone will enjoy.  

Bounce House

You can rent bounce houses in riverside. You can choose a bounce house with dry/wet slide combos for a picnic or school carnival. The following are the things you should consider when choosing the perfect bounce house for your kid’s party.  

Event Size 

The first and top thing you should consider is the size of the attendees, which means the number of anticipated children. Choosing the right size of the bouncy house is important to ensure the safety of the children. You can ask bounce house rentals for a recommendation. They will endorse different bounce house with the appropriate number of children allowed and the maximum weight limit. If the kids attendees is greater than 30, you should rent multiple bounce houses so all of them can play. your ultimate goal is to accommodate all the kids and let them have fun.  

Age of Children 

Another thing to consider is the children’s ages. If the kids are aged 7 and under; a single and regular bounce house is the perfect option to keep them entertained. This bounce house has a combo unit or multiple features such as dry/wet slide to make the entertainment more effective. These features are also best for older children and teens.  


Your birthday party date might not have the perfect weather. So when you rent one, make sure that you keep up with the news forecast. If you’re having the party on a very hot weather condition, your bounce house should have a wet slide so the kids will still be comfortable jumping and sliding around.  

Available Space 

What’s the use of a big bouncy house or castle if there is no available space that can cater that? Before hiring, ensure that the venue has the enough space. A regular bounce house 15’x15’ will need at least 20’x20’ foot of space. For combo units like bounce house with wet slides, it will need a 30’x30’ foot space. Before you go to the bounce house rent company, secure the space first.  

Party/Event Theme 

If your party theme is fairytale, you can opt for bouncy castles. Most of the children love fairies, prince and princesses. The best way to make them feel like they’re in a Disney movie is to put up a big bouncy castle.  

Desired Features 

There are a lot of features that you can choose from. There are obstacle courses like ball pits and climbing walls that will make the kids enjoy more. Dry and wet slides are also available. Choose the bouncy house that will definitely bring more fun to the kids. After all, the party is for them and not for you.